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Cardio Equipment

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Buy Cardio Equipment Today OnlineExercise Repair Online services and sells commercial grade cardio equipment and has several other types of Exercise Equipment and Machines in our online store. Commercial grade equipment is the highest quality and longest lasting fitness equipment that exists in the industry.  If you are serious about your workout equipment being equipment that you can depend on we encourage you to browse our store today!

Cardio Equipment Available in our online store!

Treadmills, Ellipticals, Stair Steppers, Bikes and more. Exercise Repair Online has new, refurbished and used Cardio Equipment available for you today at our store.


Cardio Equipment is one of the key elements to having a great workout.  If you want to shed fat and tone muscles, doing some type of cardiovascular work out is a vital part of that. Each type of cardio equipment targets a different muscle group, although all cardio machines are great for overall workouts and weight loss as well.

One piece of cardio equipment that is one of the best workouts for the body and simulates one of the most natural ways to workout, is a treadmill.  You can do so many different workouts with a treadmill, which can target specific areas of your body that you want to work on.

  • Treadmills: We have a wide selection of commercial grade Treadmills in our online store.  Some brands include Life Fitness, Precor,  and Star Trac.  These brands manufacture the highest quality cardio equipment in the industry.  We buy used commercial grade equipment from hotels, apartment complexes, gyms, sports teams, and individuals and then refurbish the equipment to restore it back to its original condition.  Refurbished equipment is just as good if not better than brand new cardio equipment and is cheaper!

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Another great type of cardio equipment is the elliptical.  Ellipticals are great for working out all your different leg muscles.  There are special workout settings on the machine that allows you to choose which are you wish to focus on.  You can work your calves, thighs (inner, outer, upper, lower), glutes, and even your core separately or all together depending on the chosen setting.

  •  Ellipticals: Our inventory of Ellipticals varies from time to time.  Since the elliptical is such a popular machine we run out quickly.  But don’t fret! Give us a call and we can find you the elliptical of your dreams.  We will update our store anytime we receive a new machine.  We’ve heard nothing but good feedback from people and companies that have purchased our refurbished ellipticals and say they are so incredibly smooth, not placing pressure of discomfort on any part of their body.

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Other cardio equipment you can find in our store are exercise bikes.  Bikes are a great stationary workout for those that are unable to get outside and on a bicycle.  With our refurbished upright, recumbent, spinners, and other types of commercial grade exercise bikes you can get the same workout as if you were outside riding a bicycle.  Choose from a variety of programs (differ depending on bike) that will help you achieve the workout you desire.

  • Bikes: We carry bikes by manufacturers such as Cybex, Life Fitness, Precor, and others that have all been refurbished by our own personal service staff.  These bikes are sturdy and built to last.  We love helping our customers find the equipment that suites them and their needs.

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Stair Steppers are also wonderful pieces of  cardio equipment.  They are perfect for strengthening and toning leg muscles.  Increase the resistance on the stair steppers and really focus on enhancing your leg muscles or lower the resistance for an all over cardio workout.

  • Stair Steppers: Stairmaster, Life Fitness, and Tectrix are just some of the commercial brands we carry for stair steppers.  The majority of our  steppers are refurbished, however, we also sell some new and used equipment.  If you ever need servicing or repairs done on your current stair steppers or any other cardio equipment please call us!  We service exercise equipment all throughout Southern California.

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You can create all types of workouts from just one piece of cardio equipment!  Pick which one suites you best and give us a call if you need help or a little bit more information to make you decision.  If you already own a piece of cardio equipment that is giving you problems or not working properly call us for free troubleshooting assistance and if you live in the Southern California area we can come repair and maintain your equipment.

If  you are looking for specific cardio equipment or cannot find the type of equipment you are looking for you can give us a call at 1-800-988-7736.
We can also give you great professional advice about the best tools and machines in the industry…cardio equipment and several other professional exercise equipment lines.

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