New vs Refurbished Exercise Equipment

Analysis of why our Refurbished exercise equipment is better than a store bought brand new one!

Refurbished Exercise Equipment - Commercial Grade is better.Let’s face it, when you finally saved enough money to go buy yourself an exercise unit for your home, you probably want to buy it from somewhere that is quick and painless like Costco, Sport Chalet, or another fitness store that is going to sell you on a brand new piece of equipment. Refurbished Exercise Equipment is better and cheaper.

These brand new machines are very enticing when they have all these fun gadgets and gizmos on them, but unfortunately, these machines were not built to last forever! They won’t tell you that a treadmill is high maintenance and needs to be serviced at least once a year because their primary goal is to sell you a piece and never hear from you again.

They know that most people purchase based on impulse rather than what is best for them in the long run.  Refurbished Exercise Equipment will last longer.

Think of it this way, when you go to a gym, do you see the same units there that you see at Costco or a sporting good’s store? Most likely, your answer is no! That is because the units that you see in the gym were built to last forever because the manufacturers know that they are going to get a lot of use at the gyms. Refurbished Exercise Equipment

Refurbished Exercise Equipment Is Better When It’s Commercial Grade

So, because of this very reason, manufacturers make an abundance of parts for “commercial grade” machines because of the demand for them.  The gyms have to be able to fix their machines if they want their members to keep coming and they aren’t going to want a machine that needs to be replaced every year if they want to make a profit. That is why they put their money into commercial quality units!  Refurbished Exercise Equipment

If all the gyms and fitness centers bought the Costco, or sporting good’s store equipment, there would be all kinds of problems with them and the equipment would be down for long periods of time because the parts are either hard to get or the machine would have to be replaced because the parts aren’t even manufactured!

Don’t be fooled by the face amount of the machine. Just because you may have spent a few hundred or a few thousand on it, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a good machine to purchase! Yes, you may only be putting it in your home where you and maybe only a few others might use it, but over time, it will need to be replaced no matter what.

We get the calls all the time of people claiming they have a really good machine, but unless it’s of commercial quality of some kind, it’s probably not going to be worth fixing by the time you pay someone the time and the money for the part to be replaced or repaired. Refurbished Exercise Equipment is a better bet for the long run.

A major thing that salespeople in the store fronts forget or purposely fail to mention is that in order to keep the warranty in place, the machine has to have preventative maintenance or service done to it, especially if it is a treadmill.  Refurbished Exercise Equipment

So get refurbished exercise equipment that will last…

With refurbished exercise equipment of commercial grade quality, you could purchase in most cases a better unit that was built to last forever for the same if not less amount than a brand new non-commercial unit! We guarantee that you will not find a better company out there when it comes to rebuilding these machines to “like new” condition.

We have had many customers and clients compliment us by saying that you wouldn’t know these machines have ever been used before. They look as if we just took them out of the box right then and there.  Refurbished Exercise Equipment does not mean it looks shabby or used!

Not only do this refurbished exercise equipment  look great, but they feel great too!

We only sell what we know will last forever.  We are not tied in with any manufacturers to sell what they tell us to sell. Our equipment comes from smaller gyms that want to trade out their older models for something newer or a newer version of the model they already have.  We only take the machines that we know will work with service and maintenance!

Because we are primarily a service and repair company, we know what parts are easy to get and what machines will last with preventative maintenance. Our first goal is to keep whatever machine you have in working order. Refurbished Exercise Equipment

After troubleshooting and figuring out what is wrong with your machine, we can decide from there if it is worth fixing or not.  Most companies out there’s primary purpose is to “sell” you a piece of equipment rather than see if it can be fixed first. If we sell you a piece of equipment, we want to hear from you again!

It is our goal that the machine will last you a lifetime so that you can refer your friends and family our way. And, when you need service one day, we can be there to do that for you as well.

Do yourself a big favor! Do your research and at least see what we have to offer before going to a store to purchase your exercise equipment!

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