Life Fitness 9500HR Lifestep Stepper

Life Fitness 9500HR Lifestep Stepper

Looking for an amazing workout that is affordable to have in your own home? Well, consider the Life Fitness Lifestep 9500HR Stepper then!

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This full-commercial Life Fitness 9500HR Lifestep Stepper is in great condition!!
Sold for over $2,895 new!

Dependent Steps help you to stay in alignment with your normal step. It has a large enough foot pad that can fit any size foot!
Multiple Workout Programs allows the user to put variety in their workout. The user will never get bored on a machine like this. When a workout isn’t difficult, it makes you want to workout more. Have you ever noticed that? lifestep_9500hrWhen the machine you are using is hard to use, you aren’t motivated to workout on it!

Specifications of the 9500HR Lifestep Stepper:

The 9500HR Lifestep has:

  • A great Self Oiling / Lubricating System
  • Oversized Pedals
  • Lifespring Shock Absorption
  • Specifications:
  • Resistance: 12 Levels
  • Display: Large 16-character scrolling message center
  • Console Readouts: Elapsed Time, Total Floors Climbed, Floors Per Minute, Calories Burned Per Hour
  • Workout Programs: Hill, Random, Manual, Fit Test, Quick Start Feature
  • Dimensions: 42″ L x 34″W x 63″ H
  • Electrical requirements: 110 VOLT

Get your very own Lifestep today!!!

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