Meet Our Staff

Patrick Leon
Founder of Exercise Equipment Service

Before starting the company, 14 year old Patrick Leon began working out which led to his love and addiction to living a healthy lifestyle. During that time, Patrick worked in the fitness equipment industry; since then he dedicated most of his time to the company. He became so familiar with the industry that he wanted to start his own company. He took the material learned and established his own company. Patrick admits he “started this company the dumbest way possible.” Patrick started the company with $100 in his pocket. People close to him did not believe the company would thrive but that’s what made him want to continue with the company. The company became Patrick’s first priority; he soon found himself living in his office and continued to work while he watched everyone else around him have fun.

Originally Patrick started the company to service exercise equipment but when a customer called about repairing equipment, at that time no one was in that field, people had to send their equipment to other places to get repaired. Patrick saw this as an inconvenience for many customers and took it upon himself to look into that field of work and soon he began training to be able to provide service needed from his customers. Patrick has always had his customers in mind.

27 years later, Patrick Leon has been able to run his company and continue to provide excellent service. What keeps the company going is his genuine concern for his customers; his genuine characteristic is what the company revolves around. Whether the customer is 3 hours away or one minute away- Patrick intends to deliver his mission statement. With Patrick, quality work is what he gives to all his customers.

Mat Jones
Service Technician

Patrick and Frank have known each other since they were children; they know each other for awhile so they make an excellent team. Mat has shown dedication to the company by assisting Patrick with field jobs, providing information to customers, helping customers choose the right equipment that would leave customers satisfied, etc. Besides servicing equipment, Mat is now responsible for the company’s finance and for shipping/freight costs in the company. He communicates with our vendors and makes sure the company provides customers with the right shipping/freight costs.

Bobbie Giovanetti
Marketing & Sales Representative

Bobbie recently joined the Exercise Equipment Service family February 2013. Bobbie works closely with Patrick, Mat and Gabby to provide excellent customer service. Her main focus is marketing analysis and brand management. Bobbie develops marketing strategies alongside with Gabby. Communication with customers is very crucial to Bobbie to keep customers happy; she makes sure she keeps customers up-to-date with their orders. Not only does Bobbie work on the company’s marketing aspect but as well as the sales. Gabby handles all sales transactions made from our online store, eBay and Craigslist. After transactions are made, Bobbie is responsible to make sure our company’s inventory. Bobbie will gladly take care of customer’s needs and help without hesitation.

Gabby Calhoun
Marketing Representative

Gabby recently joined the Exercise Equipment Service family January 2016. Gabby mainly works on developing marketing strategies with Bobbie. Her central focus and responsibility is to plan for both online and local advertising and maintaining great public relationships with clients and customers. Gabby successfully lured several existing and new customers to like our page on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter; she manages all social media of our company.Gabby also designs all promotional graphics and advertising as needed. Designated to attend social gatherings and meetings in the area. 

Justin Leon

Justin, Patrick Leon’s eldest child recently graduated from college. Justin now assists Patrick and works side by side with his father in the finance department.

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