Plyometrics Workouts

Plyometrics Workouts

Plyometric workouts and exercises make a muscle reach full force in the shortest time possible.

IMG_2496Plyometrics exercise uses the force of gravity to store potential energy in the muscles, which is then quickly transformed into kinetic energy.

One of the most common forms of this exercise is the box jump, also known as the in-depth jump, wherein an athlete steps off the box and lands with his/her legs coiled then quickly leaps to the next box.

Here are the top benefits of plyometric exercises that will help you decide if this type of fitness program is something that you need.

1. Plyometrics Workouts Strengthen the muscle

Muscles particularly in the legs are engaged and developed during this type of workout. Lean muscle mass in the legs are developed which make them stronger and more effective in carrying out physical activities.

2. Plyometics Workouts Improve response time of muscles

Especially in competitive sports, it is important for an athlete to be able to move quickly at a moment’s notice. With regular plyometric workout, you will notice the development of your explosive power, which can help you deliver superior athletic performance. Such sports include basketball, soccer, hockey, and so many more.

3. Plyometric Workouts Increase endurance

Another thing that athletes should have is endurance. They cannot get tired easily if they want to win in a sports competition. Partaking in plyometric training will increase one’s endurance significantly as well as allow the muscles to handle long athletic activities during peak performance.

4. Plyometric Workouts Improve posture and balance

After engaging in this exercise for even a short period, you will notice great improvement on your posture and balance.

5. Plyometric Workouts Burns calories

When you engage in any physical activity, you will obviously burn calories but what is great about plyometrics is that it also boosts your metabolic rate, which means that your body will become more effective in burning calories.

6. Plyometric Workouts Reduces risk of injuries

Plyometrics reduces risk of injuries by improving flexibility and range of motion. This is also achieved by strengthening the body and making it more resistant to injuries.

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