Seca 217 Scale

• Parts fit together perfectly for transport ease.
• Spacer for additional stability.
• Robust platform for secure stance.
• Adapter element seca 437 for connection to a flat scale.

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Product Description

The mobile stadiometer seca 217 is distinguished by its top-quality materials and a cleverly
designed assembly system. The stability of this stadiometer is unmatched. It is particularly
suited for use in doctors’ practices and hospitals and is easily carried to schools for medical
examinations and to patients’ homes. When disassembled, the stadiometer can be conveniently
transported to any location.

The collapsible height measuring rod of the stadiometer seca 217 can be put together quickly and simply in just a few steps and attached to the stable platform. There’s no need to attach the rod to the wall. It’s easy to step onto the large base plate, which has no raised sides or edges.


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