Wax for treadmills – treadmill wax – new – self apply

We now carry treadmill wax that we sell to our clients and individuals looking to take care of their treadmills and keep them lasting longer! Treadmills need to be serviced on a quarterly basis to keep it running in tip-top shape and to keep the amperage lower for the motor. Without wax on your treadmill deck, the belt will eventually wear out longer and the friction and heat will cause the motor to blow out eventually. People tend to be sold on treadmills that they don’t need any maintenance. That couldn’t be further from the truth. With what we have seen in our 25 years of being in this field, we know what works!

Get your wax from us and apply it yourself! So easy to use and you could keep your treadmill lasting longer!

We sell them individually for $14.95 each.

We offer local pick up or we can ship it to you. We can give you a shipping quote based on your location.

Thank you for your interest and call us if you have any questions at all.

Office: 909-989-4562

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