Wipes Plus Exercise Equipment Disinfecting Wipes

Price: $39.95

Wipes Plus

Wipes Plus

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WipesPlus® Disinfecting Wipes come in a resealable bag with a towelette count of 800 saving staff time from one refill to the next. The heavy liquid content is to ensure that the towelettes stay wet longer and improve their life span – you won’t be throwing away dried out towelettes when you use the WipesPlus® Disinfecting Wipe. We offer stylish and economical dispensing solutions in both floor stand and wall mount options.

EPA approved, in all 50 states for use on equipment. Gentle water based formula safe for plastic, laminates, metals, Plexiglas screens and rubber. Gentle enough that you don’t need gloves. Tough enough to kill bacteria and staph. Lint free and highly absorbent for better cleaning. Commercial quality, embossed and non-abrasive.  Independently lab certified to quickly disinfect.

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